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Calming Hues for Your Dental Practice

Dental Clinic
Your number-one priority in your dental practice is patient care and well-being. The way you decorate your office and patient rooms can have a great effect on how comfortable and calm your patients feel when they visit.
Give your dental clinic the relaxing aura your patients will appreciate by using color to lift moods and keep patients calm.

Here are color ideas you can consider for your practice's interior office and patient rooms.

Ocean Hues

There is a reason many businesses incorporate water into their decorative schemes: water is naturally calming. If you don't have space for an indoor water fountain, a fish tank or another source of water, then create the same calming effect by painting your walls in ocean hues.

Consider seagull gray, soft ocean blue or rich turquoise for a calming and beautiful allure in each of your patient rooms. Seafoam is a very light shade of green you can paint your main lobby area for a soft touch of color that inspires thoughts of relaxing ocean waves.

If you want an accent wall or don't want full color in each space, paint a single wall in a cream shade to complement the blue and light green tones.

Soothing Neutrals

Brown creates a calming sensation because it relates to nature, helping people feel grounded in its presence. Consider shades of brown with red undertones for a warm appeal that helps patients feel relaxed and earth-bound.
Other neutrals that work well to create a sense of relaxation include nature-inspired colors like sage, soft sunset orange, olive and beige.

Since neutral colors pair well with nearly any other hue, you can choose a single wall in each room to use as an accent wall for showcasing darker shades within the same color spectrum you choose (hunter green accents with sage, for example).

Neutrals are a great choice for your dental practice if you want to present a professional appeal to your clients. If you are unsure what color neutrals will work well in your smaller patient rooms, allow your painter to assist you.

Soft Pastels

Pastel hues are popular for baby rooms and for good reason: the vibrant colors toned down to a soft pastel allure inspire calm and curiosity. You can paint pediatric dental rooms or your main lobby area in a variety of soft pastel hues you love, including:

• Chick yellow
• Sherbet orange
• Mint green
• Cotton candy pink
• ​Baby blue

Pastels are an excellent choice if you prefer color in your dental practice but you don't want your patients' rooms to appear too loud with color. As a bonus, soft pastels are very reflective and can make smaller rooms appear larger. Your painter can help you choose the best pastels for your dental clinic so you can maintain a professional yet friendly appeal in your entire establishment.

The right colors adorning your dental practice's interior can inspire calm and comfort in all your patients. Whether you are considering earth tones or feel motivated by water, your color choices are vast when it comes to choosing relaxing hues.

Hire a painter to clean and prep your walls for painting, and allow them to assist you in choosing color schemes that will work best for your space and overall decor. The right paint on your walls can make a huge difference in patient comfort and ease.

Take your paint samples to your painter and schedule an appointment to transform your dental practice into a more inviting atmosphere. Our painting experts at Elite Painting And Wall Covering are happy to assist you in choosing the best paint for your business and making your dental practice look modern and appealing.