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Love Neutrals? Try These Hues in Your Home

White living room with sofa

Neutral paint hues are the way to go if you want colors in your home that stay in style. Still, there is much more to neutral tones than simple brown, gray, white, and cream.

Add some color to your living room, dining area, kitchen, and bedrooms with these neutral-inspired hues that give your living space some personality. You don't have to stray away from your neutral themes to allow a little color into your home.

Moss Green

A muted green that has enough gray tint in the hue to keep the tone neutral is an ideal color for the living room, kitchen, or even the bathroom. The mature version of green is light enough to be pleasing with all your current neutral decor without being too bold. As a bonus, the hue matches with all earth tones, so you can complement this cheerful, subdued green color with beige, tan, and even a rich brown without issue.

Antique Gray

Also commonly referred to as greige, this is a color that blends both beige and light gray perfectly. This is a soft tone you can paint your whole home in if you want to stick to a light neutral with a modern yet classic twist.

Since the color is so light, you can complement this antique gray tone with brass hardware on your doors or soft yellow lighting to make your living space pop. Antique gray is a hue that works with your current home decor, so feel free to commit to this tone for as long as you wish in your home.

French Gray

French gray is a gray hue with a soft blue undertone. French gray is a color choice that borders being a pastel but is still in neutral territory. This is an excellent hue to choose for larger rooms you want to add more color to or to place in rooms that have a wallpaper border or accent wall.

Silver Pink

Considered a contemporary neutral, silver pink is a soft pink that is not quite dusty rose but not classic baby pink in its appearance. This mature version of pink works excellent as an accent wall in a beige or cream room to give your living space more dimension.

Feeling bold? Use silver pink in an entire room, complementing the hue with cream accents along crown molding. Your rooms will feel brighter and more welcoming with this surprisingly neutral shade of pink.


A purple gray that borders on dusty rose, this darker neutral is elegant in any large room. Consider mauve for an entryway, your living room, or dining area to add a splash of color that doesn't overwhelm your living space.

Soft Gold

If you love tan but want a hue that is a bit bolder and brighter, consider soft gold for your interior wall paint. This color can best be described as a dusty yellow with tan undertones, making the color perfect for your favorite gathering places in the home. Consider this hue for your kitchen or living area to make these common gathering places more welcoming.

Your painter will show you several color samples and swatches of modern and classic neutrals to help you decide what colors are best for your home. Don't be afraid to mix and match hues you love as well - neutrals go with other neutrals especially well, so use whatever color pattern you wish.

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