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Tips for Choosing the Best Paint Hue for Your Basement

basement painting
Your basement may not be a room you show a lot of company; perhaps you use your basement as a storage space so you can de-clutter the rest of your home, or you simply use the space for your home office or an additional family room.
However you use your basement, the right paint colors on your walls can liven the space and make it appear brighter and larger. Here are some tips you can use to help you pick the right color for your basement's walls.

If Your Basement Is a Family Room

If you use your basement as a second family room, then you want to choose a bright hue that makes the space appear warmer and brighter. Consider goldenrod, salmon pink, or a soft pink for the room. These colors are sunny and inviting and can make your basement feel cozy and ideal for family togetherness.

If Your Basement Is a Home Office

Another common use for basements is a home office. To make the space ideal for focusing on work without feeling overwhelmed with the large space, consider alternating calming hues such as soft blue, seagull gray, light beige, or even a soft yellow on all basement walls. Stark white can also be used if you prefer as long as you add an accent wall in a neutral tone, such as tan or light charcoal, to give the space a more open, relaxing appeal.

If Your Basement Is a Playroom

Using your basement as a playroom is a great way to give children space to explore, be loud, and enjoy their toys. With a playroom, choose vivid colors like bright blue, fire engine red, or even a sunny yellow.
Speak to your painter about turning one of the walls in the basement playroom into a chalkboard wall. Chalkboard paint, once dried, allows a wall to be transformed into an art area where your children can use colorful chalk to color on a whole wall. The chalk wipes away with a chalkboard eraser just like a traditional chalkboard.

If Your Basement Is a Storage Room

Just because you mainly use your basement for storage doesn't mean you have to leave the area completely plain. A rich gray or hunter green on your walls brings the space together so your stored items can look organized. These tones also work well for areas of the basement you use for relaxation, so even with stored boxes around you, you can still feel welcome in this space.

Basement Paint Finishes to Consider

A semi-gloss paint reflects light, which in turn makes your basement feel brighter and more inviting. If your space is large and you want to subdue the squareness of the walls, then consider a matte finish instead. If your basement walls have not been primed, your painter will want to use a primer to prepare them for painting and may have their own suggestions for the right finish for your basement walls.
You can transform your basement, however you use it, into a more enjoyable, inviting space by painting your walls the right hues. You can paint your walls all one color or choose to alternate between complementing hues. Talk to your painter about accent walls as well if you just want a single splash of color in a neutral-toned room.
The right painter will be able to make your basement a more comforting place to work, play, or spend time with family. Our painters at Elite Painting And Wall Covering are dedicated to helping you make your basement as beautiful and functional as the rest of your home with the right paint colors.